[Osmf-talk] logo update

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Mon Dec 19 22:25:32 UTC 2011

Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com> wrote:

> Here's a very simple and powerful question: what would you do Fred?
> Lately all you have done is pour scorn on anyone trying to make any
> progress unless it goes via you or happens in a London pub. So lets
> imagine you had budget and time and inclination. What would you do that
> would be so great for the future of OSM?

Frederik has built the single most useful tool to help in rebuilding OSM data so it survives from 1st April: a map showing those objects which haven't been relicensed. He's also built the service that lets Potlatch 2 and JOSM display this interactively.

It's largely thanks to these two that on 1st April, OSM will continue to be just as terrific as before, unless you're Australian or Polish. That's "great for the future of OSM" in my book. :)


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