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Erik Streb del Toro mail at erikstreb.de
Mon Dec 19 23:09:57 UTC 2011

I think Steve means that we need enhancement to the usability of our
website like the proposal from the London Hack Weekend

The ODbL thing has nothing to do with this, as this has nothing to do
with attracting and winning new users (I mean both *consumers* of our
data in whichever way AND data *contributors*).

Our current logo is more a beautiful painting than a logo. A new,
simpler logo could lead to better recognition and cheaper production of
printed products (less colors, smaller in size and still discernible).
And it could be easier to create derivations of it for subprojects.


Emilie Laffray schrieb am 19.12.2011 23:46:
> On 19 December 2011 22:33, Steve Coast <steve at asklater.com
> <mailto:steve at asklater.com>> wrote:
>     Like I said, via Frederick or a London pub. There is no doubt about
>     Frederick or my or your past contributions, it was a question about the
>     future.
> I don't want to enter that big debate which is pretty nonsensical from
> my point of view since we just got a logo redesign but I would like to
> point out that Frederick's work for ODbL is greatly appreciated
> considering that I work currently to make sure that my area is ODbL
> compliant which is what we need to work on currently. I think that for
> the time being that work has been forward looking because without those
> tools it would be a major nightmare to replace the data.
> If you compare a logo to an ODbL compliance tool in terms of forward
> thinking for the project, I will choose the tools that Frederick has
> design over a logo.
> Not taking into consideration that I like the current logo, what is the
> benefit of working on a new logo? What is the impetus for this? This is
> not an attempt at trolling but I see that discussion as a distraction to
> what is important which is the current licence change and there is so
> much work to do.
> Emilie Laffray
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