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Tom Chance tom at acrewoods.net
Tue Dec 20 09:37:20 UTC 2011

On 19 December 2011 23:02, Mikel Maron <mikel_maron at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Look there's many *smart* people out there who don't get OSM. They aren't
> "mass market", but in all sorts of niches. Geez, some of them are map geeks
> who just need a little help up the learning curve.

Spot on, and, I think, a point that almost all of us can agree on including
Frederik and Steve.

The redesign of the web site isn't about switching from free geo data geeks
to a mass market of pin pushers. It's about making it more approachable and
navigable for somebody who wants to:

- put a more pedestrian or cycle friendly map on their web site

- test advanced routing algorithms on a very detailed data set

- campaign for open data on public toilets and collect all the data from
public agencies and crowdsourcers in one place

- enable their city vegetarian society to map all veggie-friendly

- collaborate with a city authority to map and track official and community
food growing spaces

- enhance the local government web site they look after by adding some of
our rich data to their national mapping agency data

I've spoken to people trying to do all of these things, and all but the
routing guy looked at OpenStreetMap and left baffled. They either gave up
or settled for a much less interesting, less useful approach using Google
Maps because it was relatively easy to discover and use those tools.

I hope the web site redesign can tip the balance in favour of at least one
of those people using and contributing to OpenStreetMap data, tools and
community life. I like the work done at the recent London hack days,
Gregory's mockup and some of the designs on CrowdSpring for this reason.

As for the logo, I hope it can convey something of the people behind the
data, and the spirit of freely sharing our work.


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