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Ben Abelshausen ben.abelshausen at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 10:19:52 UTC 2011

> Look there's many *smart* people out there who don't get OSM. They aren't
> "mass market", but in all sorts of niches. Geez, some of them are map geeks
> who just need a little help up the learning curve. There are lots of ways
> to interact with maps, not everyone is going to use Potlatch or JOSM, but
> might report a problem on their phone ... we need that to be a significant
> map. Yes, some are using GMM right now ... and I'm pretty sure most of
> those folks are nerds too. There's no reason to look down on them, that's a
> typical ultra-geek attitude. It's just as bad as how GIS paleotards looked
> at OSM when it started -- oh aren't they cute, but they don't get it. I'm
> sick of the superior attitude. When did OSM get to be about a chosen few?
> It's exactly the opposite!
I completely agree on this! Also don't confuse map-geek or geek with smart
people. There are lots of non-geeks that understand OSM on the same level
as many here but they don't have the technical skills to actually edit and
contribute at this point...
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