[Osmf-talk] voting feedback

Valerio Capello valerio at geody.com
Sat Dec 24 17:29:08 UTC 2011

I think most objections about a possible new logo (including whether a
new logo is needed at all) are valid.
I don't see why any of the shortlisted logos should be better than the
current one. Some are too bulky and would only work on the website,
others don't properly reflect the nature of OpenStreetMap as they are
mostly a variation of a "pin of a map" concept, which is not what OSM is
all about.a

Probably a stylized version of the current logo might be more useful,
because they could both be used but for different purposes: the current
version may stay on the website and on existing material (including
merchandising), while its stylized version may be used in documents,
prints, and in case engraved in devices, and so on.

My idea is entry #372, although it probably wouldn't work exactly the
way it is (the "nodes" under the lens are not viewable at small sizes).


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