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I wrote this post knowing that it was ripe for misunderstanding and misinterpretation. So this is a good opportunity for clearing things up, don't you think?I'm glad to see that the conversation has steered that way.

The main thing I want to address directly in your email are these statements.

> I mean, look at our project - sure nothing we do is perfect and we do 
have problems, but do you feel that we are somehow "on the brink", that 
our demise is imminent unless properly led and governed? Immediate death of 

> OpenStreetMap predicted, film at eleven?
> Personally, I don't 
think that. Yet the whole board meeting seems to have been styled as a 
crisis meeting, and the report concludes: "And we did. Despite looking 
over the brink, we had resolve. I felt tense, but knew I'd be happy 

> with what we accomplished."

When I wrote "on the brink", I was not referring to all of OSM, but singly to the decision making process of the Board at that moment. We were stuck on a crucial decision (on the timeline for the redesign) for a lengthy, frustrating time. If we had not been able to resolve the issue, I don't think I could've continued on the Board, and in the long term the project ...  I felt it was that important to make a decision. And that failing, no, would not have meant OSM would fall off a cliff ... but for me personally, it was a moment where my life path was laid out at a crossroads. So really, it was my brink, not OSM's.


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