[Osmf-talk] Elections: Avoid Mandate Creep

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Nov 12 19:08:17 UTC 2011


On 11/12/2011 04:39 PM, Matt Amos wrote:
> furthermore, our board *is* the board of a company and the membership
> are not the employees but the "shareholders" - we were elected by you
> to direct the resources of OSMF on your behalf.

Yes. It would probably permissible for the board to say "We are the 
board. Shape OSMF!"

> if you think your view isn't being heard
> loudly enough in these meetings then you're welcome to stand at the
> next election, or call for an EGM if you can't wait.

As explained to Serge, for the time being I'm happy to discuss my view 
with other members and I think this is not only within my rights but 
even my duty as a member of the organisation.

> should we not be the worlds most used map? it's not a commercial
> matter of "beating" google in any way - we're a non-profit - but
> doesn't our map deserve to be the most used map in the world?

Eventually, maybe. But this is not, and cannot be, a master plan 
implemented by some kind of guiding body. Whether or not we achieve 
world domination is due to our people on the ground, and OSMF should be 
there to support them where they need support.

In my eyes, a good position for OSMF would be this: "We'll do everything 
we can to help the OSM community build the world's most used map." It is 
the individuals in the community who need to have the goals and work 
towards them. And if there is no community or if the existing community 
has different goals, then the proper position for OSMF is to shrug and 
say: "Alright then, maybe some other time." Support - not control.

What I'm reading here sounds like "oh god oh god we need to become the 
world's most used map in 2012, and we'll all be so DISAPPOINTED if we 
don't make it, but oh god in South Bumfuck our acceptance rate is only 
5%, so let's kickstart the community there and send in a team of 
ambassadors or else everything is ruined, we'll never make this goal..."

It's just totally unnecessary to put yourself under such pressure.


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