[Osmf-talk] Elections: Avoid Mandate Creep

Jean-Guilhem Cailton jgc at arkemie.com
Sat Nov 12 19:47:46 UTC 2011

Le 12/11/2011 19:14, Mikel Maron a écrit :
> JGC,
>     ***From:* Jean-Guilhem Cailton <jgc at arkemie.com>
>     I would add that what particularly scares me about this blog post
>     is the
>     presentation of HOT as some kind of model for governance. It seems
>     that
>     the self-satisfaction that it expresses is for example unaware of the
>     missed opportunities because of that closed, self-elected (in the HOT
>     case), centralized governance model. And regarding "transparency",
>     there
>     is no comparison between HOT and OpenStreetMap France, for example.
> Please don't spread your personal bitterness over involvement in HOT
> to this discussion. 
> Your characterization of HOT is completely wrong, and if you want to
> argue, let's take it to the HOT list, or offline.
> I never said that HOT was perfect, or that OSMF needs to adopt its
> structure,
> but it does a pretty good job, and provided some valuable points to
> consider during the Board meeting.
> -Mikel


Please refrain from ad hominem.

I do think HOT does some nice things. My point was about its governance
(It may be true that I have been in a position to directly witness some
of its drawbacks).

(and since HOT uses "OpenStreetMap" in its name, this list might not be
an inappropriate place to discuss it, while limiting the risk to damage
the motivation of volunteers.)

Quote (about HOT): "publishing very detailed board minutes"
Where are they published? According to the very discrete wiki page
( https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Humanitarian_OSM_Team/Meetings ),
apparently there has not been any HOT board meeting in 2011, is this right ?


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