[Osmf-talk] Elections: Avoid Mandate Creep

Derick Rethans osm at derickrethans.nl
Thu Sep 1 08:51:45 UTC 2011

On Thu, 1 Sep 2011, Komяpa wrote:

> 2011/8/31 Eugene Usvitsky <eugene at usvitsky.com>:
> > Every successful project has its leader and strategy.
> OSM has a strategy. "Map reality". Do we really need a single leader
> (who, you? why not me or any other cat?)?

I propose your cat. In all seriousness though, I don't think a single 
leader or even a committee is required. OSMF should not be that, as I 
think it doesn't work as it sounds more like a company than a 
volunteer-run mapping project. I therefore see OSMF only has a guardian 
and custodian of the project, which certain (legal) reposibilities to 
our data.

> > really important who will "win". It's more important that there should
> > be one and ONLY one way of doing something. People who disagree can
> > argue, can leave the project and create a fork but if OSM wants to be
> > successful there should be someone who makes decisions and enforce
> > them. OSMF is the one organisation who can do that.
> Fine.

Actually, I think OSMF should encourage (and help encourage others) to 
go out and map instead of spending endless amounts of time coming up 
with the awesomest tag scheme. I think the free-tag scheme that we have 
is great, as it allows local variants with local tags and local renders. 
Trying to conform the whole world's data into "the" tagging scheme seems 
futile to me.

> There's "OSM Mapnik" that's considered "the only one" by most
> visitors. You know, some cartographers in my company say that it
> sucks, and I agree with them after they've shown why it sucks. That's
> why we render our own stylesheet, which sucks (IMHO) less. You want
> not to let us do that?

I think it's really important to be able to do that. If we can't render 
our own data, then I could as easily use googles stuff!

> > I explained above - there should be someone who is responsible for
> > cleaning AND making everyone not to bring the garbage (wrong tags or
> > tags combinations, at least) back.
> > And this is OSMF.
> For Belarus that's not OSMF, that's Komzpa who wgets the dump daily,
> looks for newbies, greets them, watches their first steps
> (reverts/fixes), and fixes all the usual mistakes like "building=yes
> landuse=residential" => "building=residential", or using "ref" tag
> instead of "name" using a long python script that is enlarged with
> every newbie coming and misusing tags in predictable way.
> And I don't see why OSMF should do this, I'm local here and I can
> check data. We need just more people willing to do the same for their
> region.

I agree, I do the same for "my" area (and I get uppity if things are 
done differently).

> I bother. I just prefer to lurk and actually do things instead of
> inventing strategies that will work only in dreams.



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