[Osmf-talk] Paid Staff

Daniel Kastl daniel at georepublic.de
Sun Aug 26 03:39:53 UTC 2012

> I think it is acceptable to hire paid staff if one is clear about the
> scope, and one has carefully weighted the reasons for and against. For me,
> the reasons "against" which I have sketched in 1. weigh heavily and would
> have to be offset by a real, demonstrable gain for the whole project.
Hi Frederik,

I 99% agree, but there is one task I think paid staff could make sense:
it's for administrative work and fund raising for example.
What I learned from helping to organize this year's SotM is, that there are
tasks, that nobody really likes to do, so they often get delayed. Writing
emails to sponsors for scholarships for example, sending reminders, making
phone calls, reporting to the board, etc.. Paying someone for that wouldn't
harm the project, but help volunteers like Henk and Floris for example to
do some more exciting things.


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