[Osmf-talk] Mission statement (was: Proceedings from Face-to-Face Board Meeting)

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Thanks Frederik

Just a couple bits of feedback on the minutes.

For group collaboration, I have found OpenAtrium really excellent for coordination and group memory on several projects (we use in with HOT, Map Kibera, etc). It might take a little tweaking to get permissions correct, so content can be viewable by anyone. 

And look forward to hearing more on the AoA. If I may, would be good to hear how Local Chapters might fit into OSMF's organizational structure.

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>   after the constructive feedback on this list we have decided to change the wording of the Mission Statement slightly, by dropping the "hijacking" phrase. The sentence now reads:
>"The OpenStreetMap Foundation is there to protect the OSM data to keep it Free and Open."
>We'd like to assure everyone that these documents are not set in stone. They are living documents, and we welcome feedback on them from our members now and in the future.
>The change was decided in our board meeting on Tuesday, for which the draft minutes are now up on the Wiki.
>(OSMF secretary)
>for the OSMF board.
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