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Sorry about cross-posting, but I'd like cover necessary amount of people as
soon as possible.


As you may know National Land Survey of Finland has open all their
topographic datasets. Check my email from imports-lists:


There is a lot of discussion in Finnish on IRC-channel (osm-fi) and forums
(less in talk-fi). We are planning usage of NLSF datasets and discuss about
legal issues.


It seems that there have been several people who have contacted National
Land Survey of Finland. Behalf of OpenStreetMap. Officially OSM Foundation
hasn't been in contact to NLSF. As far as I know. This several people
contacting to NLSF behalf of the OSM is confusing. At least for NLSF.


So, I name myself to be point of contact between OpenStreetMap community and
National Land Survey of Finland. I know all the decision makers in NLSF and
my 20+ years' experience about Finnish GIS community will benefit both


Unless there is anybody else who like to be PoC between OSM and NLSF, I
presume that this nomination has been accepted by OSM community. Those who
had has connections to NLSF regarding OSM cooperation (include imports,
legal, technical), should report to community about their efforts, goals and


Further discussions should be in talk-fi, in Finnish or in English. Swedish
is also allowed because it's official language of Finland ;-)


Best Regards,


Pekka Sarkola



Pekka Sarkola

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