[Osmf-talk] payment options for membership fees, donations and sponsorings in different currencies

Tom Hughes tom at compton.nu
Mon May 14 13:58:45 UTC 2012

On 14/05/12 14:53, Steve Doerr wrote:

> Actually, UK banks increasingly are participating in SEPA. I plugged the
> OSMF SWIFT code BARCGB22XXX into the International Transfers dialogue of
> a Portuguese bank website that I use, and it came back as Bank
> Participating in SEPA: Yes.

Oh they participate, as I understand it they don't have a choice about 
that. They will just charge hefty fees. People often misunderstand what 
SEPA means:


Note that it's even worse than I though in my other email - it is only 
cross border EUR-EUR transfers that have to be charged the same as local 
EUR-EUR transfers. So as soon as currency conversion is involved all 
bets are off.


Tom Hughes (tom at compton.nu)

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