[Osmf-talk] Anonymous notes on osm.org

Andy Robinson blackadderajr at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 10:41:27 UTC 2012

David wrote: 
> However, what I think people are used to - from sign ups to online
> across the board, is email verification, like OSM does on signing up, but
> without the actual account creation.
> This also reduces spam. But it gives the opportunity to say "by clicking
this link
> you agree to how your data is used and that it's legal" and you can
provide an
> opt-out box for further contact. If they don't respond, mappers acting on
> report can be advised to use caution and check out the report personally.

I'd support this approach. It's much like the way fixmystreet works. There
are some other functionality aspects of fixmystreet (reminders etc) that
might be useful to us too.


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