[Osmf-talk] [OSM-talk-fr] [OSM-talk] Continued aggression against French contributors (cadastre integration)

Sam Larsen samlarsen1 at yahoo.co.uk
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Unfortunately I don't know the background or details of this discussion because a) you haven't provided any, and b) i don't follow data lists, french lists or talk because there is just too much talk :)
Have any french speakers attempted to get involved with DWG?  If not, i suggest that someone puts themselves forward for the group as the DWG clearly needs better communications with the french speaking OSM community.  I'm sure there are many french speaking contributors around the world that would like to see more communication in french with the working groups.  
The directors don't control the working groups.  The working groups do their own work and then report their work to the directors and discuss it.
My experience of working groups is that if you want to get involved you can.  The current situation of no french-speaking members of the DWG is clearly not working for your community.  You need someone who speaks good French and English and can dedicate time every week to this WG.  They can then act as the french speaking representative who communicates with your communities.  Try to be constructive, and remember the DWG are all volunteers and probably dedicate much more of their personal time to this project than most others.

The best way to 'charge DWG with it's rude behaviour' is to help them.  I'm sure they are not trying to piss you off.


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>As I said previously, the DGW cannot be only charged about its rude behaviour.
>The fault is up to the Foundation. Let 's say ay that the Board of Directors, newly elected, has to kept
>the Community in peace.
>It has to clarify its links with the DWG and precise in which cases a so-called efficient rule (and not discussed by
>the Community) may be reformed to a statement by which it will reaffirm its authority and its sense of diplomacy
>for a more united Community.
>It 's all politics in a broader sense (and not policy).
>By the way, could you stand receiving any message in a language you cannot understand. that seems to be looking for
>infuriating the non-English speaking users? Not very smart.
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