[Osmf-talk] Board Elections / 1st Board Meeting

Simon Poole simon at poole.ch
Mon Sep 17 08:38:42 UTC 2012

Dear OSMF Members

I would like to thank everybody that voted for me in this years board 
elections and hope I will be able to fulfil your expectations. We had 
our first board meeting yesterday evening and the board was kind enough 
to elect me as their Chairman. Minutes will be available soon.

Prior to the meeting we had already had some discussion on what role the 
Chairman should have going forward and while there are some 
representative and power aspects associated with the position, at least 
my view is that it is mainly a mundane supportive role for the board.  
If necessary I can put on my visionary hat, but I have no intention of 
being Steve 2.0, that role rightly remaining with the original.

As you will see in the minutes, the position of Secretary has moved from 
Henk Hoff to Frederik Ramm, I would like to thank Henk specially for all 
the work he has done on the administrative side of the foundation over 
the years.

Over the last months, if not years, we have had the licence change as 
the dominating theme. Now, after a sigh of relief that we have at last 
cleared that obstacle, I expect us to start looking forward and outward 
and to try to better define and refine the role of the OSMF in the 
larger OSM community.

Thank you


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