[Osmf-talk] Losing faith

Steve Coast steve at asklater.com
Mon Jan 14 22:55:48 UTC 2013

Dear all

On October 10th 2012 someone changed the @openstreetmap twitter password after someone else tweeted about MapBox (or something I don't really understand). It wasn't me that did either.

I was emailed by twitter since I apparently owned the account, or had enough access that it let me know.

On the same day I asked the management team for access again. It's a request I've been making repeatedly for the last 96 days.

On the 21st November I suggested to the board that we set up a ticketing system for the working groups. This was a polite way of saying they aren't replying to email and we should track things. That got shot down.

Today, the CWG has at last made a decision. Nobody is to be allowed access. To tweet, you have to email CWG, wait a week, they will then consider your tweet and may or may not tweet it.

I've emailed Simon and the board to find out whether this is also their policy before I become extremely public, negative and personal about the issue.

To the best of my knowledge this is the first thing that's been taken from me in OSM. I gave you my code, my time, setting up the OSMF, setting up and running SoTM's, the Trademarks, the domain names. Every. Damn. Thing.

Can I please use the twitter account to post interesting things about the project that I started?


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