[Osmf-talk] Losing faith

Richard Welty rwelty at averillpark.net
Tue Jan 15 20:52:20 UTC 2013

On 1/15/13 3:38 PM, SteveCoast wrote:
> Kai
> If I may, this is a good discussion with reasonable points but its the wrong discussion.
> This is not about whether, today, we should do this or that, or what is the best twitter policy.
> This is about how access was restricted with no policy three months ago, it looked like everything would be ok and then we have this silly strategy and bad faith actions.
it seems to me that working groups operate with board oversight. a 
decision like this is the sort
that the board involve itself in.

furthermore, i should remind everyone that Steve is still the public 
face of OSM, he is the
first person the press goes to for comments and interviews, for example. 
so this action
of the CWG seems pretty wrongheaded to me, as Steve is the best 
communicator that OSM


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