[Osmf-talk] hosting in the UK and "anti-terror legislation"

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Mon Sep 9 15:25:31 UTC 2013


I suggest to move the DB servers to the Republic and Canton of Geneva.

It could be administrated from remote locations, say, from the UK or US. 
I would volunteer to look after servers physically.

OSM could position itself also as an UN's map and as humanitarian map, 
and it is used already in some UN's and humanitarian projects (some 
important UN agencies are based in Geneva).

Besides Switzerland is a politically neutral country. It is stated in 
the constitution. There are serious laws protecting and enforcing 
privacy in Switzerland.

Perhaps, more people worldwide would use and edit the map is such a case.

English is widely spoken in Switzerland, and there are a lot of people 
from UK living and working in CH.

Anyway I do not insist, it is just an idea. It is easier said than done, 
besides the OSM is doing great as it is now. Let alone the existing 
already hosting ecosystem in London. And I am not sure that "anti-terror 
legislation" is an issue for the OSM at all.

But if there is a practical thing to do in this direction, - let me 
know. I have a car in Geneva in case servers are to be transported to a 

I would like to remind that there will be the "Open Knowledge 
Conference" in Geneva on 16th-18th September, 2013. The conference 
website uses the embedded OSM map in an interesting way, with an "edit" 


I will work as a volunteer at this conference.


On 09.09.2013 13:39, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> With recent news it seems inappropriate for privacy reasons to host the
> db (users db but also the rest because of IP logging) in the UK. Has
> this been discussed on the board? Are there alternative locations
> thinkable? What do the other OSMF members think?
> cheers,
> Martin
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