[Osmf-talk] Important information regarding your OSMF membership - Action may be required

Jonathan Bennett jonobennett at gmail.com
Wed Sep 18 19:35:54 UTC 2013

On 18/09/2013 19:21, Christian H. Bruhn wrote:
> Is there a way without a Google-form? I try to avoid Google services.

While I understand and sympathise with your position, please be aware
that any information(*) you submit through this form is going to be made
public for anyone to inspect anyway.

Your real identity is only requested if you choose to become a normal
member of the company (i.e. the OSMF). If you're not comfortable with
this information being known by anyone and everyone (even Google), you
shouldn't choose to be an normal member of the OSMF, but should become
an associate member instead. This way only your username and your
country of residence -- which is easily deducible from your mapping in
most cases -- are made public, so no more information than you've
already revealed.

Having secret members of the company, whose identity (either real or
OSM) isn't known to anyone except the board, would go completely against
the principle of an open, collaborative project.


(*) except your email address.

PS. I have chosen to be a normal member, with all that entails.

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