[Osmf-talk] Important information regarding your OSMF membership - Action may be required

Mark Obrembalski mark at obrembalski.de
Wed Sep 18 20:08:36 UTC 2013

On 18.09.2013 21:35, Jonathan Bennett wrote:> On 18/09/2013 19:21, 
Christian H. Bruhn wrote:
 >> Is there a way without a Google-form? I try to avoid Google services.
 > While I understand and sympathise with your position, please be aware
 > that any information(*) you submit through this form is going to be made
 > public for anyone to inspect anyway.
 > (*) except your email address.

I doubt that the IP address I use to send the form nor the time I send 
it is made public for anyone anyway. Google gets to know this. It's 
probably not very important information, but still it is information.

Another (and, I think, more important) reason not to use Google's 
services: OSMF probably hasn't a binding contract with Google. So, 
Google may discontinue the services needed to transmit my submission to 
OSMF any time for no reason and even without notice to OSMF. That would 
be OK for arranging for some mapping event or something alike. But it's 
not good enough for an organisation clearing the legal status of its 


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