[Osmf-talk] Phasing out Google services (was: Important information regarding your OSMF membership - Action may be required)

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu Sep 19 14:53:42 UTC 2013


I never used the named services, so I can't argue if my suggestions
are competitive. However, they are absolutly viable (for me :))

Frederik Ramm schrieb:
> I'm happy to hear suggestions about viable replacements for
> * Google docs - simple shared "live" word processing and spreadsheets;
> less frequently also the kind of email questionnaire that sparked this
> thread;

For the word processing part I'm simply using etherpad. Either via 
http://openetherpad.org/ or https://www.piratenpad.de/ or via my own
setup. You can configure all 3 ways to require registration or you can
use invitations or you can use public access. It's easy to use, works
great but does not feature spreadsheets.

> * Google hangout - group voice or video chat that "just works" across a
> range of platforms including Linux

For voice chat mumble is great. Cross platform including smartphones,
great quality, primitive chat, no video. And there are even commercial
services providing servers for you if you don't want to setup your own
(e.g. www.mumble.com). PLus, there's even support for telephone bridges
(via SIP).

Regarding the original post: I'll probably become an associate member 
soon. I don't have a problem with the need to publish my data, but I do 
with using Google Docs. I'd prefer to become a normal member. I have to 
add a personal thanks to you, Frederik, to make the board minutes 
readable again.



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