[Osmf-talk] Etherpad (was: Phasing out Google services)

Holger Schöner numenor at ancalime.de
Thu Sep 19 18:19:43 UTC 2013


Am 19.09.2013 19:31, schrieb Tom Hughes:
[regarding Etherpad:]
> It's formatting options are extremely poor though - no support for any
> sort of headings to start with.

I had a test of it in July/August for some internal interactive
workshop, and it worked rather well (regarding node.js, it was much
easier to install on OpenSuSE 12.3 than tilemill ...). I am right now
not sure how (probably some extension?), but I was able to use headings,
and there was even an extension to use that structuring information to
show a TOC in a bar on the right hand side of the window.

> Certainly it's not even close to GDocs on that front.

Despite my sentences above, regarding features and ease of use you are
still right. But it would be a working alternative, in my experience.

Regarding the available plugins, there has to be some evaluation before
their use, in my experience. Several turned out to be useful and stable
(and even necessary to provide some decent functionality) in my test,
but several others were instable.

Best wishes, Holger
Holger Schoener		numenor at ancalime.de

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