[Osmf-talk] Too few people doing too many things

Harry Wood mail at harrywood.co.uk
Mon Dec 1 02:06:45 UTC 2014

I wanted to say thanks for the '2014 review' Mike.
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Ewmjc/OpenStreetMap_Foundation/2014_Review

I only just got around to reading it, but it's a good summary of where we're at, and I think your conclusions are correct.

> My core conclusion is that what IS wrong is quite simple: Too few people doing too
> many things.

+1.  And in the doc you say:

There is a group of perhaps 100-200 OSMF members who would like to help out but 
don't because:
  -  You do not know what needs doing because folks like me have not been informally
     communicative enough and we simply have not asked your help.
  -  The current "recruitment" mechanism of joining a Working Group puts you off.
     It involves a commitment that sounds as if it will take a lot of your time and
     be long term.

That seems to be a big challenge for us. It feels like we should be drawing upon a big pool of talent when trying to do various things, but somehow we're not. I gave the "long tail" explanation of this in my SOTM talk:

For a long time I've been pondering whether there's a smart solution. A way to pluck people from the crowd who are capable of helping. Mostly I just came to the same conclusion as you, that we (all working groups) should ask for help with small things more often. 

"formal web of OpenStreetMap organisations" is a good focus area too. I hope the board will get chance to focus on this.


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