[Osmf-talk] How to vote to match your view

Jonathan Harley jon at spiffymap.net
Mon Dec 1 12:49:05 UTC 2014

On 01/12/14 11:05, Ilya Zverev wrote:
> You are opposing term limits. It's not "this proposal vs. better one",
> it's term limits or status quo. You (and the rest of the Board) had a
> week to discuss and fix Simon's resolutions, and three weeks to come
> with an alternative proposal (and it's the Board who set the deadline).
> This behaviour, "do perfectly or do nothing", is what have been
> hindering OSM development for past years, and I hope the new Board
> would actively oppose that. We are not a multimillion industry that
> would lose stocks because of non-perfect actions.

Really? I honestly haven't noticed that being a problem - what 
specifically are you saying has been held back?

While the JFDI approach works well for many things, I think when it 
comes to making legal changes like the database license or the 
governance framework, "do perfectly even if it takes a while" is a 
better bet, because once you make any change, it becomes much harder to 
muster enthusiasm for any further, more minor, change. So you only get 
one shot at it.

> Passing these resolutions is exactly the way to attract more good
> people to do things. It's not like Board members who step down
> suddenly would lose all will to help OSM because of that.

How is holding a controversial debate before the new board has had time 
to gel, and passing rules about kicking board members out, going to 
attract good people to the board? Sounds like a recipe for deterring 
people to me.


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