[Osmf-talk] Another consideration about the current voting

Frank Steggink steggink at steggink.org
Thu Dec 4 16:58:55 UTC 2014

Dear list,

I had another thought about the current voting, about why I think this 
has been organized too hasty.

The current voting is a very indirect cause of Frederik's manifesto 
expressing his unhappiness. That was particularly geared towards the 
membership secretary. The current proposal, when SR1 and the OR are 
accepted, has as a consequence that the membership secretary has to 
resign and cannot be reelected, effectively booting him from the board, 
as well as another board member.

In order to vote now, one needs to become a normal member. One has to 
reregister him-/herself as a member, in order to be eligible to vote. 
Guess who is handling these applications? Our membership secretary! He 
has the "power" to speed up certain applications, especially if he can 
safely assume the applicant will vote against SR1 and the OR. He also 
has the "power" to block other applications. It's December right now, 
and it's pretty cold in the Netherlands, so it's easy to "catch the flu" 
(or being hit by flying candy ;) ).

So, if you're an associate member right now (or not a member at all), 
and you wish to vote, please express at membership at osmfoundation.org 
that you are likely to vote against the resolutions.

I'm surprised that the persons who brought up this voting have not 
thought yet about this situation.

Of course there is a solution, namely that the membership secretary 
offers up-to-date membership lists as of Dec 1st 17:00 UTC, and Dec 7th 
11:00 UTC as soon as possible, as well as proof that applications for 
normal membership have been processed in order.



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