[Osmf-talk] Another consideration about the current voting

Frank Steggink steggink at steggink.org
Thu Dec 4 20:12:13 UTC 2014

On 4-12-2014 20:40, Henk Hoff wrote:
> The last couple of months there has been spread a lot of false 
> accusations and innuendo about my integrity or unjust intentions I 
> suppostedly have. They are wrong and they hurt. I don't consider them 
> funny.
For the sake of clarity that's also how I think about it. My original 
post was meant in a satirical manner, although it's always a bit 
dangerous to do for a non-native.

I've no reason either not to trust Henk personally, and that's why I've 
not mentioned his name. In fact I do trust him a lot. After posting this 
message I've sent him a personal message that this is not to be seen as 
distrust against him personally, but I've expressed the need for 
transparency, especially because of his role. Regarding Richard's post 
I'm much more assured that proper measurements are in place :)


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