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Van: Paul Norman [mailto:penorman at mac.com] 

Henk, you appear to have missed the question. You are claiming these AoA changes have flaws in how they implement term limits. I'm asking, how would you implement term limits differently, with specifics. You have replied with an argument against term limits at all - which was different than my question.



I don’t think I’ve missed the question. I’ve constantly mentioned that we need to be clear on the underlying problem. When there is no problem, there will be no need for a change of our articles. 


But also, there has never been a unwritten guideline on term limits. There are so many other ways to have forms of term limits without the need to change our articles.


We are an organisation that has been very open. We have no approval mechanism for edits (because we believe that people want to do good), everyone can join our working groups (even non-OSMF members), we hardly have moderation on our mailinglists, and I can go on. We are a very open organisation. 

We have for the board a transparent and democratic election process. We’ve recently introduced the STV voting mechanism. In the past incumbents have not always been re-elected (when they were also running for re-election), and former board members don’t always get elected again. There is no problem!

Let’s not make our articles unneeded complex. 


When a board member is running for re-election, I’m sure the membership will ask her/him why they need to re-elect her/him for the x-th time. Also, I can imagine there will be discussions within the board about whether a board member should or should not run for re-election.


About the current proposal: It is way too restrictive. E.g. why only 4 years in total (which does not match with the current term length)? And looking at the “reset clause”, it is unfair to people who have been part of the board. And the mechanism mentioned will only triggers procedures how to work around them. That’s the last thing we want.

And why only for the board, and why not working groups? Ilya mentioned in another post that the board has only little power within the organisation.





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