[Osmf-talk] Notice: Special General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Paul Norman paul.norman at osmfoundation.org
Sun Nov 23 01:49:10 UTC 2014

A special general meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation has been 
called for 11:00 UTC on Sunday 07 December 2014. The meeting will be 
held electronically via Internet Relay Chat on the channel #osmf-gm on 
irc.oftc.net, with an official physical location as in the formal 
announcement at 

As the agenda of the meeting is limited to the three resolutions, it is 
expected that participation will take place in the form of advance 
voting. Details on this advance voting are still to come.

The board has decided not to take a position on the resolutions or 
additional statements, but concentrate on  executing the GM. Board 
members with opinions are asked to speak their mind about the upcoming 
vote, and this should not be viewed as an internal board conflict.

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