[Osmf-talk] Upcoming Special General Meeting Opinions?

Richard Weait richard at weait.com
Sat Nov 29 01:36:27 UTC 2014

On Fri, Nov 28, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Tim Waters <chippy2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Could we perhaps seek to start the discussion about this
> meeting before the last minute, and at least before proxy voting starts?

[ ... ]

> We, members, do know know who proposed the SGM, or why and may not know what
> the changes really mean, and so I think that we may want to know such things
> before voting upon them at the end of next week.

Oh, who and why?  Simon Poole initially proposed it with the
resolutions.  The wiki shows which members supported the call for the


I suppose that supporting the call for the meeting is not the same as
supporting the resolutions.  :-)

In the run up to the board election I posted a couple of emails
calling for term limits and for more clarity on "seat rotation".  See
the archives around 23 October if you like.

The matter of seat rotation remains un-addressed in these resolutions,
so there we go.

The first special resolution, if passed, implements a nominal 4 year
term limit.  The second special resolution, if passed, moderates the
first by allowing a "reset" to a term limit that has been triggered.
An example:

Anne is elected and serves a combined 50 months before being replaced
on the board.  Due to special resolution 1 passing, Anne is now term
limited and can't stand in the next election or future elections. If
special resolution 2 passes, Anne could also not stand at the election
43 months after her retirement from the board.  But at the election
following that, once as many consecutive months pass after her serving
on the board as she served on the board, she can stand again.

Nothing in the resolutions speaks to Anne serving on working groups,
or participating in OpenStreetMap (or the Foundation) in any other

The third resolution, the ordinary resolution, if passed, requires a
subsequent general meeting with an election to board.

I support term limits.  I'm undecided on the term-limit reset.

I've made a spreadsheet that implements the special resolutions, as I
understand them.  Have a look. http://weait.com/term-limit

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