[Osmf-talk] Running

Sarah Hoffmann lonvia at denofr.de
Sat Oct 25 07:09:24 UTC 2014

Hi Henk,

thank you for stepping forward.

On Fri, Oct 24, 2014 at 01:22:51AM +0200, Henk Hoff wrote:
> I've been silent because I'm pretty busy with work at the moment and some other stuff I need to do.

I understand and sympathise with that. Maybe in the future it would be
possible to drop a short mail ala 'I'm busy, will answer later' just to
avoid giving the impression that you are trying to simply sit out a
difficult question?

> I'm normally a person who does not get angry or mad quickly. But Frederik (no reason to not mention his name, because you would have guessed it anyways) is one of the very few persons who has gotten me really furious.

It pains me to see such unconsolable differences between two board members.
>From what I have read from you two so far, they seem to be largely
differences in personality which ultimately is something  you two have to
work out among yourselves. I don't think it helps to have that discussion
in public.

However, there are two points regarding board operations there where it
would be helpful if you could clarify them for me:

> - A couple of months in he complained that I was doing way too much and that other board members please take over some work from me.

>From the tone of this mail I understand that you are extremely busy. In
that case, wouldn't it be a rather sensible suggestion to offload some
of this work? I think we are all aware that each of the board members is
doing their work in their spare time and I think every board member deserves
a live next to OSM. I always thought that the board is so large so that
the work load on each single board member remains reasonable.

> - When I helped Steve setup the first OSMplus, I did that to keep OSMplus complementary to the OSMF so we would not end up with competing organisations. I got greeted with that I immediately needed to resign, that there was a grave conflict of interest, I was not defending the interests of the OSMF.

Are you saying that you do not see any conflict of interested in working
for an organisation that competes for membership with OSMF while being the
only board member with direct access to the membership database, and more
importantly, the first person to see new membership applications?

> In order to get the board functioning in some kind of decent way, we need to work on the human factor. We all have our unique qualities. And we all want to move the project forward. Let's try to take advantage of that. 
> And really, I don't think we're miles apart within the board on issues. 

I'm glad to hear that.

Unfortunately, you seem to have overseen the direct question I posted for
you in the mail that started this discussion, so let me repeat it:
why do you deem it necessary to withhold direct access to the member
database from other board members?

Kind regards


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