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Sun Oct 26 13:40:30 UTC 2014

Why don't we make the discussions here about ideas and models for how the OSMF could work instead of personalities and trying to blame people for our failings? It's sad reading “manifestos” that are really just negative historical accounts instead of narratives of how to make things better.

Trying to blow someone’s candle out doesn't make yours any brighter.

In that vein, I think a key to making the board work is to meet in person with a facilitator. We used to do this (but never used a facilitator). It's clear that the strong personalities without trust has led to fragility of the board. Meeting in person used to be a highlight of the board. A chance to get to know each other and understand how each other communicates, and what's important to them.

Let’s restate the mission and understand why we're here. There have been long threads on stagnation. Let's understand why people feel that way and turn it around. Let's make the best map possible.

Let’s make SOTM central to the OSMF again. It's the key place community members meet from across the world to share ideas and talk about what mapping they've done. It's a chance for OSM to push new boundaries and engage new communities.

Let’s find a way to use paid staff to give the board bandwidth and plug holes. To facilitate volunteers not to replace them. Let's use the knowledge and experience of people who've done that before (there are some on the board) to avoid past mistakes.

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