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Mon Oct 27 15:31:41 UTC 2014

Been following this thread, just saw my name pop up and felt I should add clarity where possible (as I was, myself, confused).

Julien mailed the osmf-talk list and I incorrectly (very incorrectly, on a re-read) believed it to be someone from OSMF checking if my email was still valid.  I responded and apologized for missing the verification email, which I’d figured was sent out and I had indeed missed.  To be clear, I hold no role on OSMF beyond being a member… Didn’t mean to misrepresent myself, sorry for potentially complicating your membership question, Julien.


> On Oct 27, 2014, at 5:01 AM, THEVENON Julien <julien_thevenon at yahoo.fr> wrote:
> De : Sarah Hoffmann <lonvia at denofr.de>
> My impression was that you are the only person who has access to the member
> database itself and the only person who receives mails directed to the 
> membership@ address. Notwithstanding the transparancy issue, I am concerned
> that the database may be lost should you become suddenly unavailable. Is
> there a technical or political reason to not keep the database at a place
> where it is available to all board members?
> According to Henk's mail saying that he is very busy at the moment I can confirm Sarah's feeling.
> I sent a first mail to membership adress on 9th September  to know the status of my membership
> As there were no answers I sent a mail on 17th september on osmf talk @ to check if membership @ was still valid. Thanks to that I recceived an answer from Henk and Skye Book on to inform me that I will have an answer next week.
> Since that mail I didn't receive news any more.
> I know that people like Henk take on their free time to contribute to OSMF and that this is not always easy but for important thinks like membership that condition the capability to vote for the coming board elections I`m afraid there is no backup...
> Due to the 30 days rule to be able to vote I`m afraid that if I need to renew mmy membership it will be too late for me to participate despite my efforts to take it by advance
> Again a big thanks to people involved in foundation and working groups for the time they spent to support OSM
> Cheers 
> Julien
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