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Sylvain Maillard sylvain.maillard at gmail.com
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for osm local chapter in France, we use a tool called "galette" (
http://galette.eu/dc/?navlang=en) : it is specially designed to help with
membership management, and each member can access his informations.

Perhaps such tool could be used by the osmf ?


2014-10-27 17:31 GMT+01:00 Michael Collinson <mike at ayeltd.biz>:

>  Hi,
> Just for the record, especially as regard to transparency:  As former
> membership secretary, I also receive email sent to membership at .  I
> believe, though I have not confirmed, that I still have access to the
> membership database spreadsheet online.  I hesitate to access it now as the
> board, quite rightly from a privacy point of view, has tightened up on who
> should access it and I have no "official" reason.  Also, when I was
> membership secretary I simply downloaded back up copies and kept them in a
> secure location. Either that is still being done or it is a simple matter
> to address.
> It has possibly been answered already, I am still catching up with
> osm-talk and osmf-talk:  There is no technical or political issue in
> opening access to all board members.  The concern is one of data protection
> of (your) private information, particularly with regard to European
> regulation since we are organisationally and physically server-based in
> Europe.  Access to the database needs to be limited to folks with a
> specific need to. Clearly the membership secretary does.  When you become a
> member, you are not currently explicity asked to allow your (very minimal)
> membership details to be accessed for any other purpose. Therefore the
> board maximises restriction. That of course can be changed but needs
> checking that regulations are met, proper discussion and consent ... and
> someone to take on improving our sign-up technology.  A small thing but yet
> another thing to do, which leads me to a final observation ...
> Could I do being doing more to help Henk and therefore you? Yes.  But I am
> also busy with other things and, I am rather embarrassed to admit, rather
> demotivated in picking such things up. That may be just my personal
> failing, but I think it is also reflecting a core and general underlying
> problem that we just have too few people doing too many things. I am
> putting together a, I hope, thoughtful mailing on the subject.
> Mike
> PS Thank you Julien for your nice final comment, not only for myself but
> the others who put in much more time than I do.
> On 27/10/2014 10:01, THEVENON Julien wrote:
>  *De :* Sarah Hoffmann <lonvia at denofr.de> <lonvia at denofr.de>
> My impression was that you are the only person who has access to the member
> database itself and the only person who receives mails directed to the
> membership@ address. Notwithstanding the transparancy issue, I am
> concerned
> that the database may be lost should you become suddenly unavailable. Is
> there a technical or political reason to not keep the database at a place
> where it is available to all board members?
>  According to Henk's mail saying that he is very busy at the moment I can
> confirm Sarah's feeling.
> I sent a first mail to membership adress on 9th September  to know the
> status of my membership
> As there were no answers I sent a mail on 17th september on osmf talk @ to
> check if membership @ was still valid. Thanks to that I recceived an answer
> from Henk and Skye Book on to inform me that I will have an answer next
> week.
> Since that mail I didn't receive news any more.
> I know that people like Henk take on their free time to contribute to OSMF
> and that this is not always easy but for important thinks like membership
> that condition the capability to vote for the coming board elections I`m
> afraid there is no backup...
> Due to the 30 days rule to be able to vote I`m afraid that if I need to
> renew mmy membership it will be too late for me to participate despite my
> efforts to take it by advance
>  Again a big thanks to people involved in foundation and working groups
> for the time they spent to support OSM
>  Cheers
>  Julien
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