[Osmf-talk] The role of face-to-face meetings in the future of the OSMF board

Oliver Kühn oliver at osmfoundation.org
Tue Oct 28 17:40:14 UTC 2014

Dear Roland,

did we need to make any compromise because of the F2F meeting? Did we 
have to shutdown the infrastructure for a month? Did we need to restrict 
the usage of Nominatim, Taginfo or the Overpass API?

No, we did not! This bean-counter mentality does not lead to progress of 
OSM or the OSMF.

We need people who spend the money. If we go fund-raising people will 
ask us what we need the money for. We don't have an answer to that as we 
don't need money right now. Nobodoy will give us money to fill up our 
bank accounts.

We need to bring people together that jointly decide a direction, go for 
this and spend the money. And spending money is a learning process: you 
only know if it is well spent after it is gone.

There is no money problem in OSMF. There is a mindset problem.


Am 28.10.2014 um 18:08 schrieb Roland Olbricht:
> Hi all,
>> The budget for the meeting was $8,200 USD.
> Thank you for the precise figure. This would confirm the estimation of
> GPB 5000 for the Berlin meeting.
> Hence, having a face to face meeting for the board is
> - roughly as expensive as running our complete infrastructure for four month
> or
> - more expensive than running Nominatim, Taginfo, and Overpass API and
> probably more secondary services together for a full year.
> or
> - as much money as the membership fees of all OSMF members (the last
> known to me number has been about 300).
> Best regards,
> Roland
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