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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Jun 30 21:43:43 UTC 2015


   the donation drive is over and we've overshot our goal of £56,000  in
just three weeks - and it's not even Christmas time!

Thank you to everyone who participated.

I have collected a few statistics that might be of interest:

We had roughly 1500 donations in total.

170 donations came from North America, making up 53% of the total sum

1238 donations came from Europe(*), making up 45% of the total sum donated.

40 donations came from Asia, making up 1.5% of the total sum.

34 donations came from Australia/Oceania (1%) and 15 from South America

Donations from Africa were so few that mentioning them would run a risk
of de-anonymising individual donors so I'm not including them.

The largest donations were £12.500 each from Mapbox and Mapzen whom I
wish to thank again for helping us kickstart the donation drive! The
next largest donations of £710 each came from FOSSGIS e.V. in Germany
and an individual also from Germany. (FOSSGIS also channeled some German
donations to us but that is not included in that number).

If we remove the two large corporate donations and look only at the
remaining ones (which seem to be largely from private donors), then 82%
of that money has been donated from Europe, 14% from North America, 2.5%
from Asia, and 2% from Australia/Oceania.

The average donation amount (again ignoring the two large donations) was
£25 in North America, £20 in Europe, £18 in Asia, £17 in
Australia/Oceania, and £13 in South America.

The time dynamic of the donation drive was interesting; it demonstrated
that having a banner on the web site makes a huge difference (see
attached PNG if the mailing list doesn't kick it out).


(*) Lots of statistical caveats apply. I made the blanket assumption
that funds transferred to our Barclays Account, and not to to Paypal,
all came from Europe. I rounded things at liberty leading to some
percentages above adding up to 101 or so. I used a fixed exchange rate
even though some currencies changed quite a bit during the last few
weeks. A total of approximately £1200 were also given through Bitcoin
and Flattr and could not be included in the above statistics. E&OE.

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