[Osmf-talk] What is the OSMF board doing, anyway?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Wed Mar 11 23:32:21 UTC 2015


   the discussion about the "hired help" topic has shown that people
would like to know what the OSMF board actually does.

Let me start by saying that this is only loosely related to the topic of
hired help, because even if we were a bunch of lazy people who did next
to nothing, hired help could still improve that situation!

We spent some time at the Berlin meeting to discuss what we think we
should be doing and that list will be published in due course; I don't
want to pre-empt that here. I'm also a bit reluctant to talk about board
work outside of what's in the minutes because it is easy to be misread
or misunderstood. I'll try to give you a bullet point list of some
things that the board has been doing in the past few months:

* answer general inquiries (businesses asking for cooperation etc.)
* talk to potential donors/sponsors, draw up donation agreements
* plan and attend board meetings and AGMs, provide proper agenda and minutes
* plan budget
* send company documentation (changed AoA etc. to UK Companies House)
* provide support to working groups where needed (sign documents, send
letters, order stuff, rubber-stamp resolutions)
* handle all financial stuff that is not handled by our (paid) accountant

That's just off the top of my head. There will be more. (Personally I am
still busy getting up to speed in my new treasurer role. I finally
convinced our bank to let me access the bank account three weeks ago...)

So. Turning back to hired admin help, the list above does contain a few
things that could potentially be offloaded (and some that certainly can't).

I'll give you a very simple example: We'd like to get insurance for our
servers. This is mainly a research task: We have to find out which
insurances are available that would cover the risks, how much they'd
cost, whether they require any special input from the operators of the
hosting locations, and so on. This is something that is rather boring,
and which also requires a lot of communication and chasing people up,
perhaps calling the insurance broker on the phone during normal office
hours (and not at night when I often do OSMF work), and so on. It we had
a paid administrative person I could just ask them to do this and it
would actually get done instead of rotting away on my to-do pile. It's
not a "pressing" thing in that something will stop working if it isn't
done, but it is still too important to be dropped.

Now this will get done eventually, even without paid admin help, but
it's one small point where it would be beneficial to have someone to do
this work.


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