[Osmf-talk] Draft New Corporate Membership Tiers

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Simon & others have been doing a great job on this.

It’s not clear to me that OSMF needs to offer a lawyer as a service to corporate members. Certainly there is one company which appears to want this and has pushed for things like this a lot, but all the others that I have talked to don’t have this need.

The OSM way is to try to do things bottom up, driven by what the community wants to see. Or in this case perhaps what the corporate members might want to see as services that would be useful. I hope we are talking to not just one, but the many others on what they would love to see.



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Just to be clear, we answered over 200 inquiries to
legal-questions at osmfoundation.org in 2015 with a typical same day
response , the rare complicated questions which needed discussion or
similar naturally take longer, but that wouldn't change in any future
model. I'm fairly sure any paid service is going to be a LOT worse.


Am 28.04.2016 um 15:30 schrieb Tim Waters:
> Hello,
> In the Silver tier, members get a ticket to a business workshop, and
> in higher tiers they get tickets to a conference.
> Would the workshop be within the business conference, or is it meant
> to be the same thing?
> Is the business conference envisaged as being the business day at a
> SOTM, and as such also available for members of the public, or would
> it be private?
> Regarding the Legal Counsel - if corporate members pay for this
> service, would there be an expectation on the foundation to provide
> this as a perk or a paid service (e.g. 24 hours turnaround on an
> email, 1 telephone call per month etc). If so, is it imagined that
> there would be limits to both working group volunteers and how much
> money the foundation pays the lawyers. Do we think that it would
> increase or decrease the load on working group members if they have to
> answer more corporate legal queries, and have the expectation to
> deliver a quality level of product? Thinking further, could we have a
> situation where volunteers get income from the Foundation from
> answering corporate members enquiries?
> If it's not imagined to be a paid service, but rather, an additional
> feature of the Foundation, should it be available to non corporate
> members of the Foundation? As I'm sure many normal members would also
> like to be able to formally clarify one or two questions from time to
> time.
> Tim
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