[Osmf-talk] Corporate Membership update

Steve Doerr doerr.stephen at gmail.com
Tue Jul 12 07:59:29 UTC 2016

On 11/07/2016 22:23, Mark Obrembalski wrote:
> Am 11.07.2016 um 22:58 schrieb Martijn van Exel:
>> * Change the full name to include non-corporate entities (Organizational
>> Membership perhaps)
> Maybe it should be "Organi_s_ational Membership" (underscores not 
> included) just to punctuate OSMs general preference for British 
> English? Well, dict.leo.org says, "organizational" is ok even in BE, 
> so it's not something to take too serious.

Indeed. '-ize' is the preferred spelling of the Oxford University Press, 
including all their dictionaries, for this suffix which derives from the 
Greek '-izein'. It's not an 'Americanism' as many Brits think, just a 
more scholarly British spelling.

Steve (Oxford-educated Brit)

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