[Osmf-talk] Transparency improvements

Peter Barth osm at won2.de
Thu Jun 2 22:02:56 UTC 2016

Dear OSMF members,

the board held a face-to-face meeting last weekend in
Amsterdam. You will read more about this in the days to come.

I am happy to announce a couple of transparency improvements that
we have agreed on in Amsterdam:

* From now on, all board meetings on Mumble will be open to our
members (who will be able to listen, but speaking will be limited
to when board asks for feedback). Board meetings may have a
confidential part at the end where guests will be excluded when
necessary. We will also make recordings and/or transcripts

* In situations where the board or a working group draw up a
policy, we will make sure that a list of all organisations and
individuals who have provided substantial input will be

* There are also a few transparency recommendations that concern
the work of particular working groups, and we'll be in touch with
them about that to improve transparency on the working group
level too.

I hope you like these changes as much as I do.


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