[Osmf-talk] HOTOSM recognition by the President of Mexico

Oleksiy Muzalyev oleksiy.muzalyev at bluewin.ch
Tue Jun 7 16:11:30 UTC 2016

Hi Miriam and Rafael,

Thank you for the translation and for the additional material explaining 

Amazing. I never saw anything like this before, at least not at the 
highest political level and on record.

They have got a nice TV studio at Los Pinos (from Spanish, The Pines), 
the official residence and office of the President of Mexico.

Best regards,

On 07/06/16 16:49, Mapa Nauta wrote:
> Hi to all,
> I would like to share with you a blog I wrote with all the details 
> from the past recognition to HOTOSM- Thanks to Mikel that published it 
> in HOTOSM Blog ;)
> Also below you will find the video with subtitles (it is around 3min)
> Blog-Link English
> http://bit.ly/hotosm_mx
> Blog-Link Spanish
> http://bit.ly/hotosm_mx_es
> Video with Subtitles
> http://bit.ly/internetday2016
> Twitter Link
> https://twitter.com/mapanauta/status/740189359324815360
> Thanks for everything,
> Miriam
> @mapanauta

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