[Osmf-talk] Beta Volunteer Auditor sought for OSMF

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Jun 30 23:03:51 UTC 2016


On 06/30/2016 11:34 PM, Mark Obrembalski wrote:
> This sounds sensible, but leads to another question: who is the audience
> of the report? A German Kassenprüfer usually reports to his
> organisation's members - literally: he tells them about his findings on
> the annual meeting without having to get green light from the board to
> do so. Will I report my findings directly to the members, or to the board?

I was thinking you'd report to the members in the form of one report
that you compile and then publish, likely within an AGM where board also
reports to the members.

But it wouldn't be a bi-directional comms channel where members could
ask you to investigate something and you'd then look at that; you'd
delete the data you have received after compiling your report.


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