[Osmf-talk] AGM on Saturday: Treasurer's report

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun May 1 14:16:39 UTC 2016


  I am sorry, it seems I have somehow overlooked your meanwhile almost
5-month-old question.

On 12/05/2015 09:06 AM, Christoph (TheFive at OSM) wrote:
> Is my interpretation correct, that period stands for the change in
> the given period (jan - sep)


> The column "year to date" is the balance at the 9th September 2015,

Almost! It is correct that "period" is the change in the given period.
Normally, the "given period" will be a three-month range (1st quarter,
2nd quarter etc.); the report you are referring to is a bit unusual in
that it was for three quarters at once.

The "year to date" column is the change in the given year up to the end
of the given period. In any report that starts with Q1 (whether it is
just a report for Q1 or one for Q1-Q3), both columns will be the same.

In typical quarterly report like Q4 2014


or Q1 2016


(note how we're meanwhile publishing figures only weeks after the end of
the quarter!)

the "period" column is the quarter and the "year to date" column is the

You got confused about "9th September", happens to me all the time too:
When it says:

Month 9, September 2015

then you have to read

Month 9 (September 2015)

i.e. the 9 is just the month number not the day. This used to be extra
confusing when our year didn't start with January, thankfully those
times are over.


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