[Osmf-talk] Budget for 2016

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun May 1 20:25:00 UTC 2016


On 05/01/2016 09:59 PM, john whelan wrote:
> Could OSM be formed into a charity, that might stretch the donations a
> little further.

It is something we've been looking at but it would also increase
administration overhead on a few fronts (governance, accounting). It
certainly is an option for the future.

> I'd be inclined to suggest a membership drive for OSMF, we could do with
> more cash to whatever we do with it.

I really, really hope that in the future we will come to a point where
"being a corporate OSMF member" is the natural thing to do (and the
expected thing) for businesses who either make or save money through
OSM. There's no legal responsibility but I'd like it to become so common
that someone publicly using OSM but not participating becomes the "odd
one out". This will only be possible if the community helps, by pointing
out to businesses that an OSMF membership is a good idea.

If we manage to do that, then I'm convinced we'll have a solid financial
basis to operate on, even without additional fund raisers.

That's why I am really eager to finalize the corporate membership so
that we have something we can work with, instead of something where
everyone says "this is work in progress so let's hold back on actively
signing up members until we've decided".

I'd like to see individual membership increase too, but not for
financial reasons - the amount of money we get from individuals is
relatively small and their most valuable contribution is their knowledge
anyway. But having more individual members makes it more likely that
many different viewpoints are represented in OSMF.


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