[Osmf-talk] HOTOSM recognition by the President of Mexico

Rafael Avila Coya ravilacoya at gmail.com
Fri May 20 08:12:51 UTC 2016

¡Gracias por la mención, Míriam! :D


On 19/05/16 20:36, Mapa Nauta wrote:
> Hola Rafael:
> ahhh you are the best!! I was thinking I will have the time for doing
> the transcripts until 2017  (just kidding!) Re. the Import project for
> Mexico I just wrote a Blog, please find it here
> http://bit.ly/importproject. Also it will be in WeeklyOSM. Please find
> the full transcription below from Rafael with the two small parts that
> were missing completed.
> Hi Oleksiy,
> You are correct I start speaking a bit later but I thought it was very
> important to watch the previous minutes because other speaker mentioned
> OpenData and then the President mentioned he knew someone who supported
> the efforts for mapping Hurracaine Patricia was in the audience ;)
> -----------------
> 1:08:33
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> Quisiera sobre esto que ha comentado Alejandro a propósito de los datos
> abiertos, que se puede utilizar toda la información que genera el
> gobierno, y que varios de ustedes puedan desarrollar distintas
> aplicaciones o utilizarlas para interés particular... No sé si está
> aquí, me dijeron que venía alguien que había desarrollado o había
> apoyado este alertamiento que hubo con el huracán Patricia el año
> pasado... Acá! Desarrolló precisamente a través de datos abiertos
> lograron apoyar y dar información a quienes estaban en las zonas de
> riesgo. Yo solamente quiero agradecer aquí porque es un ejemplo que
> ilustra mucho lo que se puede lograr y creo que además usan información
> abierta.
> Míriam González:
> Tocando al punto del huracán Patricia... Sí, Míriam González, bueno...
> me presento también. Éste... trabajo para una compañía de Silicon Valley
> que se llama Telenav, pionera en la navegación GPS. También soy
> emprendedora y también soy [parte del] "humanitarian digital network".
> Entonces, estamos colaborando con varias cosas al mismo tiempo.
> Dentro del humanitarian OpenStreetMap, que es donde colaboro ahorita
> para cuestiones como puede ser el huracán Patricia vimos una oportunidad
> muy buena... gracias también a Ania y a Alejandra para poder usar la
> información que estaba ya liberada del INEGI, y gracias también a eso
> hicimos una mejora del mapa libre de México através también de todo lo
> que se liberó. Lo que hemos encontrado -y lo comento también como
> usuaria- es que hay todavía detalles en la información, todavía se puede
> mejorar más, todavía se puede limpiar más. Y eso también me gustaría
> comentarlo con Ania y también con Alejandra para de alguna forma ver
> cómo podemos también ser unos inspectores de calidad de la información
> que se libera para que no nada más se suba y se suba y se suba y
> digamos... México es uno de los primeros y de los mejores a nivel
> cantidad, queremos también calidad de la información abierta para
> también poder tomar decisiones y también poder saber dónde mandar a una
> persona, a una herida, a un resguardo, poder también volar a una persona
> que tenga alguna cuestión también, un terremoto como el de Ecuador, que
> también se ha liberado también información, todo esto para poder apoyar
> a al CENAPRED (Centro Nacional de Prevención de Desastres) y también
> apoyar a más mexicanos para que sean menos tocados por desastres.
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> Muchas gracias. Pero es cierto,  todavía hay mucho por hacer pero sin
> embargo hay que reconocer que México es de los países, creo que el
> primero de América Latina que logra tener una información abierta que
> está permitiendo pues esta aplicación, la de que varios más y muchos que
> nos están quizá viendo a través de Internet puedan utilizar para
> proyectos a desarrollar de forma propia.
> Míriam González:
> Así es. Muchas gracias por eso, por el tiempo, y creo que es muy
> importante que hagamos algo en conjunto también con sociedad civil para
> poder ir mejorando cada vez más los datos que están liberados.
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> Muchas gracias.
> 1:11:15
> ----------
> -----------
> 1:08:33
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> I'd like to know about what Alejandro has just talked about, about open
> data, that you can use all the information that is provided by the
> government, with which some of you can develop different applications or
> use them for your personal interest... I don't know if she is here, I've
> been told somebody has come who has developed or supported this alert
> that we had for the Patricia hurricane last year... There she is! It was
> developed in fact with open data and information, with which you could
> support and give information to those that where deployed in the risk
> areas. I just would like now to thank you, because it's an example that
> ilustrates very well what we can achieve, and I think that you also use
> open information.
> Míriam González:
> About the hurricane Patricia... Yes, Míriam González, well... I also
> introduce myself. I work for a Silicon Valley company called Telenav,
> pioneer in GPS navigation. I am also an enterpreneur and also [part of]
> "humanitarian digital network". We are collaborating with several things
> at the same time. Respect to humanitarian OpenStreetMap, that is where I
> collaborate right now for projects like the Patricia hurricane, we've
> seen one very good opportunity... thank you also to Ania and Alejandra
> for letting us use the information that was already released from the
> INEGI, and also thank to that we could improve the free map of Mexico
> using again all data that was publicly released. What we found -and I
> comment that also as a user- is that there are still details
> (inaccuracy) in the information, that can still be improved, it can
> still be cleaned further. And I also would like to comment that with
> Ania and also with Alejandra for, in a way, see how we can become a Q&A
> inspectors of the information that is released, so information is not
> only uploaded, and uploaded, and uploaded and... Mexico is one of the
> first and best about quantity [of released open data]. We would like
> quality Open Data too to be able to take decisions, and also where we
> need to send one person, one injured person, to a shelter, send by plane
> also one person in need, an earthquake like that of Ecuador, where
> information has been publicly released too, all this to support the
> CENAPRED (National Center to prevent National Disasters)  and also
> suport more mexicans so they aren't harmed by disasters.
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> Thank you very much. But it is true... I think that there is still a lot
> to do, but nevertheless we have to recognize that Mexico is among the
> countries, I think the first of Latin America, that has the data open
> that allows this use, that also some others and many people that may be
> watching us through the Internet, may use this info for projects on
> their own.
> Míriam González:
> That's right. Thank you very much for that, for the time, and I think it
> would be also important that we join efforts with the civil society, so
> we can keep improving the data that have been released.
> Enrique Peña Nieto:
> Thank you very much.
> 1:11:15
> ----------------
> Miriam
> @mapanauta
> On Thu, May 19, 2016 at 8:10 AM, Rafael Avila Coya <ravilacoya at gmail.com
> <mailto:ravilacoya at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     Hi, Miriam:
>     It's really nice to see that OSM community efforts and mapping go so
>     high. I am happy to see Mexico in such a good track, and I also
>     agree it is one of the countries in the world giving best example of
>     opening all government generated data - and proud also to have
>     contributed my time to some imports there ;) -.
>     I've try to transcript all you short talk with Enrique Peña Nieto.
>     There are just two moments I don't understand. Here is my
>     trasncription and attempt to translate (improvable!):
>     ---------------
>     Cheers, and keep the good work!!
>     Rafael.
>     On 19/05/16 05:36, Mapa Nauta wrote:
>         Greetings to all,
>         Yesterday was Internet Day 2016 and the office of the President of
>         Mexico invited 50 people involved in Tech, OpenData, Innovation
>         among
>         other similar subjects to participate in a discussion about the
>         future
>         of Mexico, I had the chance to be among those 50 people called
>         Digital
>         Leaders. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning because I never
>         participated in such events but I thought it was a good
>         opportunity to
>         take advantage of the dialogue. After raising my hand in several
>         ocassions and thinking I was not able to participate due to the
>         lack of
>         time,  the President of Mexico did a comment related to Open
>         Data and
>         Hurricaine Patricia in the one I had the chance to help to
>         coordinate
>         with Rodolfo Wilhelmy and more than 500 people participated in the
>         mapping. The President thanked for those efforts and I emphasize the
>         need of  Quality Open Data and provide more impulse to Open Mapping.
>         You can find the video here, my participation is in the minute
>         1:08:35
>         (sorry there is no translation and also in Spanish i speak to
>         fast :)  )
>         https://youtu.be/7EtkQS3A420?t=4113
>         Thanks,
>         Miriam
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> Mapanauta

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