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Thanks Oleksiy. I ran those pages through a spell checker to fix those things plus a few others. Always a good thing of course. The osmfoundation.org site has a lot of pages of meeting records, often dumped from IRC, so no need to fix the spelling mistakes site-wide, but obviously there's a handful of important content pages, and a fair few more minor content pages, all of which should be well written.
Beyond spelling mistakes, I think I'm going to focus a bit of attention on the "working groups" pages, and this is something I would like to ask each of the working groups to help out with a little bit. Maybe I'll review and then send some nag emails more directly to the working groups, but if they would like to pre-empt me on that and make fixes/updates that would be welcome.
We have a small group of website editors. It's not an open wiki website. Sorry for the confusion. I've added a clarification to the login page there with some linked details.
By the way we're going to have a Communication Working Group meeting in a few weeks time. Email us on communication at osmfoundation.org if you'd like to get involved. 

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 Dear Harry,
 I started to proofread the content of the osmfoundation.org website. Here are the first suggestions for correction:
 the misspelled word:
 should be Contributor
 should be advertisement (2 times on this page)
 I do proofreading with a PHP script which crawls website pages and finds misspelled words automatically. The problem with spelling errors is that they may confuse search engines (and their users), besides correction of such errors is a part of the so-called pre-translation, - if in future one decides to translate website in other languages, it would simplify computer-assisted translation significantly. Let alone that it improves the general quality of a text.
 However, I encountered the following problem. In meetings minutes there are a lot of just mistyped words, dozens and dozens of them. For example:
http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board_Meeting_Minutes_2014-04-29 Buisness
 http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/CWG_meeting_2011-10-31 transparencey
 http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/CWG_meeting_2011-10-10 de-comission
 http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Working_Group_Minutes/SWG_2011-03-11 Conusmers
 http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters_Working_Group/Meeting_2013-03-21 basicly
 I tried to login osmfoundation.org website and correct these obviously misspelled words, but my login from the OSM.org website did not work. At the same time it is hard to select significant errors in the noise created my mistyped words in minutes. It would be better to correct all obviously misspelled words, so that remaining ones stand out more visibly. 
 I can either correct typing errors myself if I could login, or prepare an exhaustive list of these spelling errors if I knew that this long (and time-consuming to prepare) list will be actually used.
 With best regards,


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