[Osmf-talk] Balancing the presence of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team at the OSM Foundation in 2017

Rory McCann rory at technomancy.org
Fri Dec 1 13:44:29 UTC 2017

On 30/11/17 14:25, Joseph Reeves wrote:
> This is, in my opinion, just soft racism. 
> ...
> We can demonstrate this quite easily; I encounter with many
> non-British people in everyday life, and I often refer to these
> people in conversations with others. If I was to mention their
> nationality every time I discussed them ("hey, has the Romanian
> delivery driver dropped off my parcel yet?"), I'd be labelled a
> racist before the end of the day.
Pretty sure you can't be racist against Americans┬╣.

What next "hetero-phobia"? "Reverse-sexism"? "cis-phobia"?



┬╣ Yes African-Americans (etc.) can (& often are) victims of racism, but
that's because of their race (in USA), not their American ethnicity.

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