[Osmf-talk] Proposal - OSMF Should **NOT** Adopt a Code of Conduct

Robert Kaiser kairo at kairo.at
Mon Dec 4 00:40:23 UTC 2017

Rafael Avila Coya schrieb:
> I am deeply against the adoption of any code of conduct for our (IMHO) 
> very civilised OSM community. Even the name sounds scary for me, and 
> have never read any CoC; I have more interesting things to do in life, 
> like mapping for example.

We had the same kind of arguments at Mozilla. The problem is that you 
are not seeing that there are probably a number of people who feel 
unsafe in a place where arguing hard against other people is commonplace 
(just happened here on this list recently) and are therefore either not 
contributing at all or at least staying quiet and not participating in 
discussions because they feel they would be attacked (and no, that 
doesn't require offending language) if they voice their opinions. If you 
want a community that includes people who are not counting themselves as 
the alpha male/females and ready to take a beating for it, you need to 
guarantee safe places where they dare to participate. If you don't 
require that, you may not be the target of such rules.

All that said, I also don't like the name "code of conduct", I like much 
better that Mozilla named them "Community Participation Guidelines" as 
that is what they really should be and it sounds way more friendly.


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