[Osmf-talk] Gender in OSM/OSMF

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In addition to the study that Simon mentioned, do check the studies of Martin Dittus http://search2.ucl.ac.uk/s/search.html?query=dittus&collection=ucl-discovery and http://martindittus.info/ about the impacts of missing maps activities. There is also some stuff at Laysia Palen group, too http://cmci.colorado.edu/~palen/papers.html

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Thanks Simon, I didn't know that study.

I agree that mapathons have little direct effect, as we also discussed at my diary post about the subject [1]. But in our case, it did help a lot in growing our core community. I wouldn't know if it is measurable, but I have the feeling it does help in getting more attention for the project, which in the long run is necesary. And even if recruitement is low, all else being equal, it will recruit more women.

1: http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/joost%20schouppe/diary/40854

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