[Osmf-talk] Code of Conduct Reminder

Benoit Fournier ben.fournier at gmail.com
Sat Dec 16 14:23:32 UTC 2017

Christoph, I am apparently at least the third person (after Eugene
Alvin Villar & Darafei Praliaskouski) confused by your statement

>> It is doubtful that there ever was a SotM visitor under this CoC
>> who has not violated it during the conference - which makes the
>> whole thing an exercise in arbitrariness.
> Just to be clear: i am talking about this CoC:
> https://2017.stateofthemap.org/codeofconduct/

So it is my turn to simply state:
Christoph, I honestly don't know if you are being ironic here or serious.

I would like to read more precisely what you found so weird in the
SotM code of conduct?
Or any specific part that could only be violated?

Note: To people interested in the question, you may read the
post-SotM-2016 report by Gregory.


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